Sedation Dentistry in Mountain View, CA

Both Drs. Trinh Lee, DDS and Suzanna Lee, DDS are licensed sedation dentists - offering convenience and comfort  of sedation dentistry options to our Bay Area dental patients in .our Mountain View, CA dental office.

Image of a woman holding a pill that is commonly used for sedation dentistry to relieve anxiety during treatment. Sedation dentistry is perfect for our patients that are undergoing:

  • Complex treatments
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Dental implant therapy
  • Mild to severe anxiety
  • Longer appointments

Not every dentist is qualified to offer sedation dentistry in their office. Drs. Trinh Lee and Suzanna Lee are. Their expert skills, progressive training and licensure qualify them as sedation dentists in the Bay Area.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

During a sedation appointment, we will give you a medication to take about an hour prior to your treatment being started. This helps you to relax and almost feel as if you are taking a nap. We pair it with soothing eye masks, massage pads and neck pillows to make you feel as relaxed as physically possible! You might even wish that you could stay that way all day!

We carefully monitor your vital signs and consciousness throughout the entire visit. Your treatment will be completed well before the medication actually begins to wear off. Have a friend drive you or ask about our out of town patient limousine services.


NuCalm® is a patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to lower stress and improve sleep quality without drugs. Please visit NuCalm's library for more details.

At Allure Dental Center, both Drs. Trinh Lee and Suzanna Lee provide in-house orthodontic options to help you and your children enjoy straighter smiles that you can be proud of.

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