Cost of Braces in Mountain View CA

Cost of Braces in Mountain View CA

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Cost of Braces Near Me in Mountain View CA
Cost of Braces Near Me in Mountain View CA

A healthy smile has many contributing factors, including aesthetics such as whiteness and straightness, as well as health (no oral diseases) and function (bite force, cutting ability). One of the most sought-after dental features is straight teeth, which are not just for cosmetic purposes. Straight teeth get fewer cavities and are also less likely to be subjected to uneven wear, fractures, and discoloration. With only about 20% of the population being born with straight teeth, many people seek to correct this problem. One of the easiest ways to straighten teeth is with braces, which have been used for centuries, with modern braces being developed within the last 50 years.

How much do braces cost in CA?

The cost of braces is highly variable and largely dependent upon several factors, the main of which are location, type, and severity.

  • Condition of Severity — This is the largest contributing factor to the cost of braces, and understandably so. The more misaligned a person’s teeth are, the longer they will need to have braces. This can significantly increase the cost, and it can also result in braces being much less expensive, in cases where there are minor dental irregularities.
  • Type of Braces — The type of braces also plays a large role in their cost. In addition to metal-wire braces, there are also ceramic braces that blend in with the teeth, as well as lingual braces that sit on the inside of the teeth. Both of these are less visible than traditional metal bracket braces but are also more expensive.
  • Region — In general, orthodontic care costs more on the coasts—both east and west—than it does in the middle of the country. Taxes also play a significant part, as sales taxes can drive up the price, and corporate taxes might be accommodated by being integrated into the pricing.
  • Expertise & Time — Another aspect of braces cost is the practitioner’s experience and time, which is determined by each practice depending on their availability, expertise, success rate, and notoriety. Each practice also has operating costs which are factored into their prices.

Are see-through braces more expensive?

In general, see-through braces are more expensive than their all-metal counterparts, which is due to the materials used and the technology needed to develop them. However, the benefits they provide to patients are often worth the additional investment. See-through braces are an attractive option for many people as they do not drastically alter one’s appearance and are almost unnoticeable. This, in particular, appeals to many adolescents, as well as adults, who want a more subtle appearance when correcting their dental irregularities.

Which is cheaper, Invisalign or braces?

Because braces have been around for longer and are more widely provided by orthodontists, they tend to be less expensive than new procedures, such as Invisalign. Major contributing factors to cost include the materials used and the technology required to manufacture them. Invisalign is more expensive in both cases as it uses more expensive materials and it is also more costly to produce the products.

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