No Drill Dentistry in Mountain View, CA

No Drill Dentistry in Mountain View, CA

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No Drill Dentistry Near Me in Mountain View, CA
No Drill Dentistry Near Me in Mountain View, CA

What is no drill dentistry?

There are a variety of technologies and techniques associated with no drill dentistry, which include resin infiltration and silver diamine fluoride. No drill dentistry, or minimally invasive dentistry, involves catching tooth decay before it can become a larger problem and stopping it during its early stages.

One of the methods of doing so, is by using resin infiltration before a cavity can fully form, which prevents it from later needing a filling. Your dentist uses a special liquid resin which is infused into the porous lesions – before they form cavities – and acts as a sealant to keep the lesion from becoming larger and becoming a full cavity.

Another method is the use of silver diamine fluoride, which is typically used when the caries lesion has already become a visible cavity. In this method, the antimicrobial and remineralizing compound is painted onto a tooth’s surface, which works to halt any further caries cavitation. It is a method that has become popular among those who have a fear of drills or in children, although it can leave teeth blackened at the area of application.

There is also the option of dental laser treatment, which can be used to treat a variety of dental conditions.

Can you fill a cavity without drilling?

Resin infiltration can be used to fill small cavities, particularly those between teeth. The process works by first cleaning the cavity, using a gel that is pushed through a perforated sheet that is slid between the teeth. The gel cleans the tooth and prepares it accept the resin infiltrant. Next, the cavity is filled by pushing a liquid resin through the sheet, followed by a dental curing light to cure the resin. The procedure requires no drilling and is typically done without anesthesia.

Is Laser Dentistry expensive?

There are limits to what laser dentistry can do, but it is typically much more expensive to undergo laser dentistry then it is a dental procedure with a dental drill. Laser gum surgery, for instance, can cost between $1000 to $3000 without insurance. If you have questions about whether or not laser dentistry is right for you, speak with your dentist and insurance provider to make sure that it fits your needs, your budget, and whether your insurance will cover the cost.

What happens when you don’t get a filling?

If you leave a cavity untreated, it is possible that the cavity will eventually reach your nerve, resulting in serious pain. When a cavity reaches the root of a tooth, then either an extraction or a root canal needs to be performed, which is a much more serious and involved procedure than a cavity filling. In addition, it is possible that you may contract an infection as a result. Dental infections can cause serious pain and your jaw to swell, so it is highly recommended that you treat cavities as soon as they are detected.

Does insurance cover laser dentistry?

Although many dental services can be performed using either traditional or laser treatments, the procedure of laser dentistry is typically covered to some extent by your insurance – provided you have dental insurance – but the laser mode of dental therapy is not. If you have any questions about what is covered by your dental insurance, call your insurance provider.

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