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Custom Made Mouthguards for The Family

Custom Made Mouthguards for The Family

Custom Made Mouthguards for The Family
Custom Made Mouthguards for The Family

A custom-made mouthguard is just as important as a helmet and kneepads, and if you and your kids like to participate in sports, talk to Allure Dental Center about a custom-made mouthguard. Even kids and parents that play non-contact sports should consider scheduling an appointment with Allure Dental Center for a custom made mouth protector.


Mouthguards protect the teeth and can help prevent more serious jaw injuries. It is estimated that more than 70% of American youth participate in some type of organized sport.

Squash, racquetball, tennis, rugby, martial arts, in-line skating, baseball, basketball, water polo, handball and football are just a few of the sports that should include custom-made mouth protectors. If your daughter is a gymnast, talk to Allure Dental Center about a mouthguard for both practice and competition.

There are three types of mouth protectors:

  • Stock or Standard
  • Boil and Bite
  • Custom Made

Stock or Standard

These “one size fits all” mouth protectors are uncomfortable and bulky. Stock mouth protectors make it difficult to talk, and sometimes even breathe. The ready-made rubber or plastic mouthguard provides limited amounts of protection, durability, and comfort.

Boil and Bite

These types of mouth protectors need to be heated in warm water before the user bites into the plastic. Because the mouth protector isn’t vacuum fitted, the fit will not be precise. Heating also reduces the mouthguards longevity.

Custom Made

The mouthguard provides patients with the best comfort, protection, and fit, and will not interfere with breathing or speaking. Allure Dental Center will take an impression of your mouth. That impression will be the model for your new, perfect fitting, custom-made mouth protector. During the fitting, Dr. Trinh Lee or Dr. Suzanna Lee from Allure Dental Center will take into account the sport that is being played and the specific needs of every patient.

Protecting you and your kids with a custom made mouthguard helps defend against mouth injuries and may even prevent a trip to the ER.

Call our office today for a custom-made mouth protector appointment.