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Top Dentist Clinic Questions and Answers

Top Dentist Clinic Questions and Answers

Our dentists, Dr. Trinh Lee and Dr. Suzanna Lee at Allure Dental Center proudly offer a wide range of dental services to you and your family in Mountain View, CA so you can maintain a beautiful smile forever. For more information, contact us or schedule an online appointment. We are conveniently located at 570 N Shoreline Blvd Mountain View, CA 94043. We will be pleased to serve you.

Top Dentist Clinic Near Me in Mountain View, CA
Top Dentist Clinic Near Me in Mountain View, CA

Table of Contents:

What services do dentists provide?
What is the most common dental procedure provided by the dentist?
What dental procedures do you perform at Allure Dental Center?
How can I make a dental appointment at your clinic?

When getting dental work done, it pays to find a high-quality or top-rated dental clinic. Not only can dental work feel like a necessary evil when something goes awry with your oral or dental health, but it can also feel disheartening to have an unsuccessful dental procedure. At Allure Dental Center, our board-certified dentists have a wealth of experience and expertise in providing high-quality, successful dental work to countless patients. Whether you need dental repair or want to improve your smile, we would be delighted to serve you! To give you a better idea about dental services, we have provided some answers to commonly asked questions about dental services.

What services do dentists provide?

Dentists can provide a broad range of services for improving dental, oral, and maxillofacial health and appearance. With that in mind, some common services that a dentist can provide include any of the following:

– Cavity fillings
– Dental implants
– Dental veneers
– Digital X-ray imaging services
– Dentures
– Gingivitis treatment
– Gum disease treatment
– Orthodontics and braces, including traditional metal braces, Invisalign, and other options
– Root canal and crown procedures
– Routine check-ups and cleanings
– Sleep apnea appliances and treatment
– Smile makeovers
– Teeth whitening and bleaching
– Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome treatment
– Wisdom tooth extraction
– And much more!

What is the most common dental procedure provided by the dentist?

Since teeth cleanings are performed on a routine basis for patients, as in annually or bi-annually, routine cleanings are by far the most common dental procedure provided by dentists. Besides teeth cleaning, the most common dental procedures are cavity fillings, dental crowns, tooth extractions, dental implants, and braces.

What dental procedures do you perform at Allure Dental Center?

At Allure Dental Center, we provide cosmetic dentistry services, restoration dentistry services, and general dentistry services. With that in mind, our board-certified dentists can provide a diverse range of dental procedures! Some of our available procedures include the following:

– Appliances for overbites and underbites
– Coronectomy for partial wisdom tooth removal
– Dental bonding for minor teeth irregularities
– Dental inlays and onlays for broken teeth
– Dental veneers
– Full, partial, implant, and removable dentures
– Full mouth reconstructive surgeries and procedures
– Gentle tooth removal
– Gingival recontouring for reshaping or re-sculpting the gumline
– Instant orthodontics, as an alternative to braces using crowns and veneers
– Invisalign braces for invisible or clear braces
– KöR teeth whitening and ZOOM® teeth whitening services
– Low-radiation digital X-ray imaging
– Oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea
– Oral pathology screenings for oral cancer
– Protective dental sealants to seal off deep grooves in molars that are vulnerable to decay
– Root canal (endodontic) therapy for natural tooth preservation when abscesses, fractures, decay, or severe sensitivity occur
– Same-day dental crowns for dental implants, bridges, broken teeth, discolored or misshapen teeth, or root canal reinforcement
– Soft tissue laser therapy, as an alternative to invasive oral surgeries
– TMJ treatment with nociceptive trigeminal inhibition (NTI) therapy
– Tooth-colored, porcelain, and composite dental filling
– Wisdom teeth extraction
– And more!

How can I make a dental appointment at your clinic?

At Allure Dental Center, you can make a dental appointment with us right here on our website or by giving us a call!

For an appointment or more information about our dental clinic and services at Allure Dental Center, please feel free to get in touch with us. We serve patients from Mountain View CA, Sunnyvale CA, Los Altos CA, Stanford CA, Menlo Park CA, Atherton CA, Loyola CA, Cupertino CA, Palo Alto CA, Redwood City CA and surrounding areas.